Project Description

Megan Smolenyak of ‘Honoring our Ancestors’ recently spoke at the banquet for the annual National Genealogical Society conference in Las Vegas. Mark Hall-Patton of ‘Pawn Stars’ was the featured speaker. Megan has given 161 grants and this month – May 2013 – will be the 13th anniversary. When she was asked to speak about her grants at the NGS conference, she wanted to find a way to make it relevant to Mark’s talk. She announced what she’s calling the LUCKY 13 initiative and has committed to giving 13 grants for the purpose of purchasing family treasures from pawn stores, doing the detective work to track down descendants of the original owners, and returning the item to that family.

We were asked to design an ad graphic that could be used in newsletters, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or email to advertise Megan’s LUCKY 13 rescues grants.