A good quality photo or two added to your article makes it more likely to be read, passed on and saved. If you’re planning to use a series of images that will illustrate  a ‘how to’ article, then taking your own photos is the way to go. But if you just  need a good quality free image or two that will help to make your point, then it’s nice to have a few ‘go to’ sites.

Here’s a few places to check out the next time you’re looking for that perfect photo.

Be sure that you always credit the photographer with an attribution and a  link.

Once you’ve found a few photos you want to use, you’ll need to resize or crop them. If you don’t have an Image Editing program installed (like PhotoShop or GIMP), try Pixlr. It’s a great free app.  Even if you normally use PhotoShop, having an online app for quick edits can be a serious time saver. Pixlr Image Editor does a great job and the interface is very similar to Photoshop.

Why did I use the photo I used for this post? It’s a beautiful example of a free image…and I liked it!
Photo Credit: Natureworks